Terms & Conditions

Contract conditions

  • All prices are stated in Euro (EUR, €).
  • All prices are fixed with taxes and fees and are guaranteed only until our next catalogue update.
  • Orders are obligatory.
  • Ordered items are reserved for a maximum of 14 days. Essential is the date of your payment.
  • All articles are subject to availability ("first come, first serve").
  • We offer almost exclusively unique items. Please wait for our confirmation on availability before paying!
  • A contract is considered concluded only after a written confirmation by the seller addressed to the buyer and buyer accepts these terms and condition of trade automatically.
  • Items sold will remain the seller's property until completion of payment.
  • We reserve ourselves the right of partial deliveries.
  • Delay of delivery or partial deliveries may not be considered for breach of contract and may not be the reason for any form of compensation.
  • Warranty for new products is 24 months and in case of used products 12 months.
  • Seller is responsible only in case of intentional or grossly negligent procedure.
  • Delivery will be made as quickly as possible via Deutsche Post / DHL.

Methods of payment

  • Bank transfer
  • International Money Order (I.M.O.)
  • Western Union
  • PayPal (a registered and verified PayPal account is necessary).
    The exchange rates EUR to foreign currencies depend on the actual daily exchange rates. Please ask!
  • Advance payment in US-Dollar, UK-Pounds, CAN-Dollar, Australian Dollars, Swiss Franks, Skandinavian Kronors, Thai-Baht, Japanese Yen in cash in registered letters. Please wait for trade rate confirmation!
    Note: We can not be hold responsible for postal losses!
  • ATTENTION: Shipping is always at your own risk of damage or loss (especially when selecting shipping without jewel cases)!

Shipping costs


  • 1-25 LPs: 7.- Euro
  • 1 CD: 3.- Euro
  • 2-6 CDs: 3.- Euro
  • 7-12 CDs: 7.- Euro
  • 13 and more CDs / 26 and more LPs / order amount over 100.- Euro: free shipping
  • For an extra insurance up to 500 Euro please add 6.- Euro.

Europe and World

  • 1-2 LPs: 12.- Euro - registered airmail
  • 3 LPs: 16.- Euro - registered airmail
  • 4-16 LPs (up to 5 kg): 20.- Euro registered SAL (EU only), 30.- Euro (Non-EU), 45.- Euro (World)
  • 17 and more LPs: 35.- Euro registered SAL, World: 66.- Euro (registered and insured SAL)
  • 1-4 CDs: 9.- Euro - registered airmail
  • 5-8 CDs: 12.- Euro - registered airmail
  • 9-18 CDs: 20.- Euro - registered airmail
  • 19 up to 30 CDs: 20.- Euro - registered airmail without jewel case, World: 29.-- Euro (insurance included)
  • 31 CDs up to 50 CDs 30.-- Euro - registered SAL, World: 55.-- Euro (registered SAL with insurance)
  • For an extra insurance up to 500 Euro please add 6.- Euro. If the value of the parcel is over 300 Euro this is obligatory!

Declaration of condition (vinyl / cover)

  • ss: still sealed)
  • m: mint
  • m-: near mint
  • ex: excellent
  • vg: very good
  • g: good
  • co: cut out
  • n/s: no sleeve
  • vhs: video tape (Pal!)

Cancellation and return

  • We accept a cancellation of orders within 14 days. The buyer, who is a consumer in terms of the BGB, is entitled to a right of withdrawal of 14 days starting with the order's transfer and shipping according to §355 BGB. Sending the declaration of withdrawal in time will do to comply the respite of your right to withdrawal. The buyer is under the obligation of furnishing proof for the timeliness concerning the dispatch of the withdrawal.
  • Cancellation must be made by sending us a non-ambiguous declaration (either by letter, telefax or email) of your desire to cancel the order.
  • All costs caused by returning goods are to be paid by the customer
  • Only valid address for returning goods (compare our legal information):
    Battlecry Records
    Andreas Preisig
    Götzentor 16
    75417 Mühlacker
    Website: www.karthagorecords.de
  • In case of worse condition of any item after return compared to condition at delivery, the buyer is liable for damages.

Sample cancellation declaration

  • I hereby cancel my order of the following goods
  • Order date / reception date
  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Signature (paper version only)
  • Date


Further information

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  • All offers are not-binding and without obligation. Parts of the pages or the complete publication including all offers and information might be extended, changed or partly or completely deleted by the author without separate announcement.
  • This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication which you were referred from. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

External links ("Hyperlinks")

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Trade and buying

  • REMEMBER: If you have anything for sale or trade: don't hesitate to offer us!
    NOTE: Condition of vinyl and cover ex- or better only!